The Causes and Treatments For Physical Pain

Pain is a very unpleasant feeling that is a natural sensation generated by the body in response to particular types of stimuli. Physical pain occurs primarily because of contact with or damage to the nerves that are spread throughout the body. It is intended to be an overriding feeling that calls attention to a particular area of the body that is in a harmful or dangerous situation. Pain is the top reason that most people visit a doctor or hospital. The cause is not always obvious and could be the result of a chronic condition that changes the way the body and the nerves function.

The most basic type of physical pain occurs when some part of the body like a hand is exposed to something that triggers a response from the nerves. The trigger could be contact with a sharp object, a sudden physical impact or heat that causes burning. The body responds by sending signals through the nervous system to the brain. This causes an automatic response such as pulling a limb away from the source of the pain. The automatic response to pain is intended to prevent further injury.

A more serious type of pain can result because of a change in the body chemistry or permanent damage to the nerves, muscles or bones. This is generally called chronic pain. Chronic pain occurs because the nerves that send the sensations to the brain are constantly responding to some stimuli. This could be because the vertebrae in the spine are physically compressing a nerve. It could also occur because of damage to the nerves that cause the body to transmit signals of pain to the brain constantly. Chronic pain can last for days or for an entire lifetime depending on the actual cause. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose and to treat.

There are many different treatments for physical pain. Simple injuries will generate pain in order to prevent a person from using the injured area until healing can occur. Natural healing and rest is the best treatment for these types of basic injuries. Pain that results from more serious situations like surgery are often treated with medications that partially inhibit the pain receptors in the brain. Individuals who are experiencing chronic pain sometimes receive treatments that are more permanent. One example is a surgery that actually severs or removes the nerves in the area that is experiencing the chronic pain so that no painful sensations are generated. Some of these surgical solutions have very serious side effects.